Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fifteen Quilts in and 3 out

Just a few weeks ago, Marilyn from California and by the way, our January featured charity quilter, sent me a huge box with fifteen almost completed quilts. All that I had to do was the binding.

This week a 911 grandmother reached out to tell us about her daughter who is a registered nurse and her family and how their home burned to the ground and they need help.

I can't tell you how great it felt to go to the closet and pick these 3 quilts out, bind them and box them up.  They will be heading to Georgia on Monday and hopefully by the end of the week, I will have the other 3 completed!

To all of you who have contributed in the past and continue to bless Layers of Hope - Quilting 911, thank you.  

Please, help me stock the shelves fully.  Send a crocheted, knitted blanket or quilt and when they go out I will let you know.  If you have a quilt shop or yarn shop in your area and can take one of our fliers to them or brochures, please let me know and I will send them out.


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