Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giveaway Winners, Please Contact Me!

Good Morning!  I pulled the names of the winners yesterday and right now I am hoping to hear from Emily C. who won first prize to see if she wants the fat quarters or the yarn.  Emily C. you won, I have sent you two Emails, please reply back.

Vermont Pines was the next pick, please let me know if you want the fat quarters or the yarn ASAP. I  am working on getting quilts done for the Washington landslide victims, so I need to get the prizes out quickly.

The next winner or second place winner was Patty who won the spools of ribbon, I know she will find good use for these as they are just so cute.

JHoos you are the lucky winner of the needle threader, this will be a tool you will want to use over and over again!

Our pen winner is Margaret!  

Congratulations to all of you, thank you for responding and playing along, please send me snail mail addresses so these can be mailed!


jhoos said...

Oh my gosh!! I won!! Thanks Jean. I will post my addy to you in an email. Thanks so much and I sure will use the needle threader!!!

Average Quilter said...

Thank you so much. What an awesome way to start off a day.