Friday, March 7, 2014

Help Needed for Hexies and Tumblers

So, I have my small Accuquilt tumblers in 2 stacks or rows sewn together, however I can't seem to get them to match up and the same with Hexies...anyone help, please!



marilyn said...

you have to have an odd number in the row for the tumblers. That way the fat side matches with the other fat side. Much easier to explain with a picture. Google search tumbler quilt and you will see lots of pictures of quilts in you click on images. Hexies are easier to put together if you use a traingle in there too. Again, easier if you have a picture. Google Hexie quilt tutorial. There are some good ones. I'm just starting one myself, if I can find the time one day. Now that the science fair is over, I have some time back.

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks Marilyn:
That could be the problem they were even numbers.