Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Quilter, Many Quilts

The box I received from Marilyn yesterday with 13 quilts and a book on how to understand your middle schooler/hormonal teen and funds for shipping!

If you don't know about all the wonderful projects Marilyn helps out with while raising her own family and working full-time, please check out this post as she was our January featured charity quilter!

I had just completed three quilts to be sent out to a California dispatcher and boxed them up, the funds she sent paid for the postage and left a little bit left over in the shipping budget!

The quilts I will bind and put away and send out when we get another request!

My granddaughters will tag each one before I find a shelf to put them on and when there is a need, we will add a label to each and send it on its way.

I cannot say thank you enough to Marilyn for helping me to get the shelves stocked up and ready.

Not everyone can do this on such a large scale, however, if you can commit one quilt a month or every 3 months to us, I promise they will go to someone in need!

Blessings to all and thank so so much Marilyn!

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