Sunday, March 16, 2014

Very Cool Large Spool Holder

I recently purchased some thread from Bobbin Central but wasn't very good at determining sizes and got their very large spools of Glide thread! (*Bobbin Central has not paid me or in any way compensated me for mentioning their company, I just really like their products!*)

So, I went on line to purchase a spool holder and my husband saw me and asked, 'what is that for?' Of course when I told him, he knew right away he could do it cheaper and more sturdy because he loves to tinker and had everything in his workshop!

I went to sell Girl Scout cookies and when I came back this was waiting for me...well almost!

It was a 2 x 4 he cut down, painted red for me and added 4 dowels. However the intial set up had a very thin wire and at the top it was round. When I sewed, it would get pulled tight and my thread would break.

Hubby initially thought the spool was getting stuck on the paint, so we brought in some plastic washers for the thread to sit on.

Okay, so now it was moving a bit better, but 'SNAP!' my thread was still breaking, so I put some felt on the plastic washer to help the spool move better.

Yes, this was going to do the trick and then you guessed it, well, maybe not, the thread pulled so tightly, the small metal piece he had my thread going through ricocheted off the dowel and almost into my eye. Thank goodness I wear glasses.

Back the his shop and an hour later he came back with the larger metal piece you see in the top picture and I am here to report it is working perfectly!

I think I will keep that hubby around for awhile!

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