Monday, March 24, 2014

Washington State Landslide Victims Need Quilts!

Only because I was asked if I was going to do this because I live in Washington state can I take this on.  I have never not delivered on my promises to any of you and right now I am going to be straight up honest, I do NOT know how many quilts would be needed, I do NOT know how many families are affected and how many first responders are affected.  I do NOT have a contact right now for up there because frankly, they have better things to do looking for survivors.

However, if you want to make quilts for the victims and send them to me, I will take them, I will collect them and I will get them personally delivered to where they need to go when I get enough to make a trip, when the road is opened, when these families know what is going on.

So, shout it out on your blog, take my blog button and post it and shout it out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, post about it at your quilting guild, at your church, let anyone who knits or crochets know about this, get the word out.  You get the word out, I will collect them and if need be, rent a U-Haul to deliver them.  You have my word on it!

Here is what I cannot do right now...for this, I will not be able to accept unfinished tops, I do not have a long arm machine and I cannot quilt them quick enough on my own. Having you send them to a long armer and then someone send them back to me is alot of money for postage.

So, if you want to send me the quilts completed and ready to be delivered, I will accept them, I will take pictures of them, I will post them on Facebook and this blog and I will post pictures when they are being delivered so you know I keep my word.

This is all I can do right now, but I know how wonderful all of you are and I know that you will get the word out to quilt shops, guilds, churches and every quilter you know.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start getting the word out and when you are ready to send the quilts to me, message me for my address.

Just be aware this is much bigger than even the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Family quilts were, we are talking I am going to need probably at least 300-500 or more to cover every one that lost everything.  If it is less I will let you know, but right now this is going to take a miracle and I believe in miracles!

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