Monday, April 21, 2014

Vacation Was Lots of Driving and So Much Fun

We took a vacation for 10 days from the 8th to the 17th.  We drove 3270 miles, we saw drastic changes in weather from 50's and rain in Washington to high 90's and hot dry sandy wind in Palm Springs.

We visited with my moms husband for a day and half on the first leg of the trip and while visiting with a neighbor, their grandson told me about my mom. He said she was there when he was born, she helped take care of him when he was little (he is now a very old 5 years of age) and she was good to him. 

It took my breath away since my mom passed in 2010, but I was happy to see they talk to him about my mom!  The kids hung out with grandpa, looked at tons of family pictures and ate all his M&M's not once but twice.  

 From there, we headed down to central California where we checked into our hotel and went to find my son who is homeless. True to his word, he was right where he told me he would be.

I took him in for a haircut and beard shave, bought him a new Raiders hat and took him to get a new ID card that a friend will copy and keep the original.  We tried to talk him into taking a shower at the hotel, but he would not.

While he may have a lifestyle that breaks my heart, he is after all an adult and the laws preclude me from getting him any help, so all I can do is love on him when I visit.

We took him to dinner and while there, the staff was amazing, they know him from he and his aunt going there for lunch at times, however one couple while there kept staring at him. I am sure they recognized him as one of the homeless, however he was clean, had fresh clean clothes on thanks to his aunt dropping them off that morning and didn't bother anyone!

Joseph with my hubby and his nephew Jony

Having fun with his nieces

Eating dinner, this is his aunt and uncle, his guardian angels!
It was hot that day, so after we dropped Joseph off with his friends and his dog, we went back to the hotel and the kids went swimming for an hour or so.

The next morning, I purchased breakfast for Joseph and his 4 friends and I could see they were genuinely and deeply grateful that I not only was Joseph's mom, but that I brought them something to eat and didn't judge them or lecture them. I hugged each and then we left for the next leg of our journey!

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Sara said...

Wonderful to make those family connections even when we have to drive a long ways to do so. I really miss having any family to visit. My parents and all of their siblings have been gone for many years and I have cousins I've never seen as adults. No sibs either since I'm an only child.

So glad your grandkids got to look through old photos and hear about the people in them.