Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Few Thanks From Quilt Recipients!

First from another thankful SnoPac 911 professional:
'Thank you for the beautiful quilt! It comes in handy at our 911 center. Snopac is always freezing cold. I have been usimg it daily'
From working in these centers I can tell you with all the computer equipment they have they must stay cool, so it was so special to hear from this 911 professional at how her quilt keeps her warm!
From another quilt recipient and I have no idea if this persons husband is a first responder, volunteer or other person involved, she has asked that her name be withheld for privacy:
'Hi. My husband received one of your quilts following the Oso landslide.  He felt very appreciated and enjoys his quilt with pride. 

We told my mom, a quilter, about his experience and she wants to help.  She has a long arm and quilts beautiful story and traditional quilts as well as wall quilts from vintage silk.'
This is what this ministry is all about, giving comfort and warmth to those in need and having others reach out to help someone else. I am so thankful to all of you for the jobs you do, the volunteerism you do and quilts you give! 

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