Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Easier Quilting By Machine

Almost two summers ago our family went camping and while the kids and Papa were out fishing on the boat, I was sitting in my camp chair sewing together some Hexie's.

One of the other campers came over and asked what I was doing and it turns out she is a quilter as well.  As we were chatting I told her how much trouble I have at times using a small machine to quilt large quilts.

She asked me if I ever thought about turning my machine around?  I must have had the good old 'deer in the headlights,' look because she laughed and told me that was the reaction she gets from many people, but for me to try it.

Well, here I am trying it now that my machine is out of the shop and humming along great, so my suggestion to you is if you struggle as I do, turn your machine around!

In the beginning it felt a bit odd, but a few minutes later it was much easier than doing it the other way!

 While we are on the subject of quilting, I have decided to change my prices on my quilts in the future as I feel I have not been asking enough for all the work that goes into them.  So dependent upon the sizes when they are done, they can go from $60 and up.

My work is worth it, yours is and it bothers me to see quilters on Ebay offering their work up almost for free just to get a sale. The great thing about mine, is if they don't sell, I can usually find someone who would gladly accept this love!


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Sara said...

That is a clever idea and may be worth trying out. I would have never thought of turning the machine. Good for you that you are charging more because you are correct that your time is definitely worth it.