Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Male Adult Quilts Urgently Needed

I am heading back up to the Oso landslide area this week and once again the seats will be removed from my van, the girls will decorate the windows and we will leave early to make all of our stops.

I will be taking 60 handmade fleece blankets, the remaining quilts for the 911 center, enough for the Arlington Police Department, 4 for a local funeral home (no one thinks these people buried their friends and relatives and need comfort as well!), several for Oso Caring for their auction and BBQ to honor the survivors and volunteers, 2 for the female Arlington firefighters and here is where is gets hazy.

Arlington fire has 43 male firefighters and I do not have 43 male adult sized quilts.  For that matter, I don't have enough for the National Guardsmen either.

I have so many beautiful baby and infant quilts and quilts designed for females, but only a few quilters thought about the men that survived, those that volunteered, that were first on scene and remained on scene.

Please, if you have not contributed a quilt yet, it isn't to late to donate, just consider an adult sized (at least twin sized) for a man and send it to me.

After this week, my next trip up that way will be the end of this month, so you still have time to make quilts and send them to me!

For those that have already stepped up and sent quilts, God Bless you!

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