Saturday, August 23, 2014

Layers of Hope Address and No Reply Bloggers

I hope this helps all of you to mail your quilts off a bit quicker.

I have added an icon on the right side of this blog that will take you to the mailing address for your quilts.

With that said HOWEVER...I cannot respond to your questions if you chose to be a 'NO REPLY,' blogger and do NOT leave me with a way to contact you.  This not only causes my heart to break, but at times it causes hard feelings because quilters feel I am ignoring them when I am not, I just cannot respond back to your questions.

If you are not aware you are a 'NO REPLY, ' blogger, please go to this link and follow the instructions to check and see:

If you are worried I will spam you, I promise I will not. You can leave your email in your question as an example:

  1. jane dot doe @yahoo dot come
  2. janedoe at
  3. janedoe at yahoo dot com
 Just please give me some way to reach you.  If you need to respond, you can directly email me on the link on the right side of this page.

When we were collecting quilts for Oso, I had an instance of someone being a no reply, I left them a message on the post comment they left, I answered in a separate post and on my Facebook page. What I got in return was hostility for not responding, however I had responded the only way I could.

So please, if you need the address, it is all over this blog, you can check us out on Facebook, however if you choose to respond anonymously with just a name and no way to reply, I will not this time go that extra mile to contact you as it takes up more time than anyone will ever imagine.

My email is 

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