Thursday, October 16, 2014

Latest Update on My Son Joseph

Update on my son Joseph from the detox center:

He is detoxing well, he is now able to stand up and walk without falling (he couldn't stand without passing out), he has been able to eat and drink a bit more today and will remain where he is for 3-5 more days. 

Here is where I need everyone to storm Heavens gate with prayers. When he is done, he can chose to go into a rehab facility and program, but at issue will be if there will be a bed available. If not, it could be a week - a month or longer and he will have to work his program. 

The problem is, he has no vehicle and no place to go that I am aware of. Pray that a bed will open when he is released and he can go into a program right away. I was told there are several in the area, so he can choose which one but once released he will be on his own again!


NanaNor's said...

Lifting Joseph up right now for a bed available in the perfect center.
Lifting you up as well.
Hugs and prayers.

onlineme said...

Prayers and best wishes.