Sunday, October 12, 2014

Two Finishes, A New Eating Plan and a Garden Gleaning, A Great Week!

Carlton Complex Fire Quilt

These are the two quilts I completed this week. I was so happy after several months of not finishing things to finally be able to put some finishing touches on these and feel accomplished.

The top one being shown off by my two wonderful granddaughters is for a victim of the Carlton Complex Fire in eastern Washington and we will be leaving first week of November I hope to make a delivery.

The bottom one is for our granddaughter who moved in with us over the summer. She has been a champ sleeping on the floor on her sisters biscuit quilt and a sleeping bag. Tonight she got her very own Hot Pink flip bed and her own quilt.  She just stood shocked!

If we had known we were going to take her in, we would have purchased a 4 bedroom home when we purchased ours because as it stands, we cannot build onto this home.

My turkey/veggie burgers

Cucumbers in vinegar and pepper

I am obese. I am not going to hide it, I am at a very deadly weight and I have for the last 8 years made excuses as to why I can't get healthy but the bottom line was until I decided I was worth the money spent, worth the time to got to physical therapy, worth the money to have a massage when I hurt and worth the money for Shakeo I wasn't healthy.

I have been on this plan for just over a week now and I am eating 99.9% healthier (I had a tiny piece of cake tonight and a fat free no whip Pumpkin Spice Latte Friday). Aside from that our fridge is loaded with healthy veggies, fruits, snacks and none of them have sugar.

I was worried about the shakes, thought they would taste gross, thought I would starve, thought I would go through sugar and white flour withdrawals, but I haven't.  I feel a bit clearer of mind, am less grumpy, drinking more water and making healthy choices.

I am worth the money I spent for this program and I am so worth going to Physical Therapy as scheduled without making excuses for why I can't go. 

While I feel clearer mentally, I am still having physical pain but PT is working on this and my exercise level is minimal with the exception of several walks to the mail box each day.

Matter of fact as a quilter, I have to set a timer and get up or I get stuck and can't move. I want to walk a mile, 3 miles, 5 miles, I want to run,  I want to buy a bike and go hiking...but I also know I can't and I must listen to the words of wisdom by my Physical Therapist who tells me..'Don't let your ego get in the way of your healing.'
I would say that was a spanking because she says she knows I am wanting to do more than my body is capable of.

Carrots and Potatoes, Yummy stew this week!

Fresh Squash

Garden Fresh Peppers and Tomatoes
My Go To Drink 
I went to pick up a cake from an amazing lady my grandson actually won one from awhile back and now she is our only cake person...cake lady Penny.

Penny lives on an amazing farm and when we got there, her husband was outside near the barns and without ran the 4 grands to talk about cows and to play with their two beautiful dogs.

That gave us time to get the cake in the van without our granddaughter we took in over the summer seeing it. It said, 'Welcome to your new home, we love you!'

Once in the car we were talking my paltry garden versus hers and she invited the kids to come in and glean...the dug potatoes with their bare hands, they pulled fresh carrots and wiped off the dirt and ate them, they ate tomatoes like apples, Raspberries, picked peppers and a few squash.

We will have fresh Salsa this week and it will be healthy.

I will get healthy, I will lose the weight and while it won't be over night, that is okay because it didn't come on over night either!



Scrappy quilter said...

Great job. I've started a new plan as well. I am suspecting once all the sugar is out of your system and you continue to eat healthy you will be feeling a whole lot better. I will be cheering you on.

Sara said...

good for you! You are definitely worth the time and the money involved. I think moms tend to think they are not worth the expense when they have kids to spend time and money on. But happy moms make for happier kids, right?

Hubbie and I made some changes this summer and we both feel so much better. We have cut back on processed foods, cut back on starches, and greatly increased our walking. After 25 years of being obese, I'm finally making some progress.

Jo said...

Congrats on starting to take care of yourself! What diet program are you using?