Saturday, November 15, 2014

18 Hours, Over 600 Miles, Quilt Delivery Day to Okanogan, Pateros, Brewster, Twisp & Winthrop

Yesterday morning at 0600 I pulled up in front of a 911 Dispatchers home that I had never met and for the next 641 miles and 18 hours, we traveled to the eastern part of Washington and talked and laughed, shared two meals and met some pretty incredible people.

The following pictures are part of our journey, taken to deliver the many quilts I have received for 911 dispatchers, fire fighters and police officers and deputies that worked so very hard during the eastern WA wildfires.

I cannot describe what I saw yesterday, the emotions I felt at seeing my beautiful home state so black and burned and in the midst of the charring, green and lush new growth and growth that wasn't changed at all.  How can I describe seeing trees that one part was charred and the other part was lush and green?

My heart goes out to all of you who have blessed this ministry with quilts so we could pass them along to those very small community officers, dispatchers and fire fighters that were there. Thank you all your continued support is a blessing that matters to those who receive!


Winthrop Marshal and Trish a very active 911 Operator who lives close to me! My life saving driver!

She was touched by the tag on the back of this one and chose it for her own!
Leavenworth, cold and yet so pretty!

Getting out for a short walk helps me keep moving!
Quilts Delivered to Brewster, PD these 2 officers said they lost much in the fires!

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