Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Okanogan Bound Friday

Traveling to Okanogan County Friday with Quilts

Calling all quilters in the areas of the Carlton Complex Fire area which includes Twisp, Pateros, Okanogan, Wintrop, Carlton, Alta Lake, Malott and Brewster.
 I am heading your way on Friday morning (pray the passes are not snow covered). I am delivering the first batch of quilts to those 911 dispatchers and first responders from Okanogan County and sadly I will only have about 70 with me as well as some baby blankets and knit caps that I am praying 3 Rivers Hospital will take as gifts.
 If you know anyone in these areas that lost their home and needs a quilt or you have contacts in the sheriff's office or fire departments, please contact me ASAP. 
Also, if you live along the route between Olympia and Okanogan and have quilts to donate to us, I am willing to stop and pick them up on my way if you can meet close to our travels. 
 If you know of local quilt shops in the area in which we can drop off a flyer and brochure please let me know that as well. Depending on time and how far off the main road Ellensburg is, I may be stopping in Ellensburg or Leavenworth as well.
I know I have Washington quilters so if you need to contact me for a pick up Friday and you are on the way there, please let me know!

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