Monday, November 3, 2014

Quilts Needed By November 14th for Delivery to Okanogan County Washington

So last evening we packed up and counted 53 large quilts for Okanogan county and I was pretty sure I had at least 100.  However, today in going through them I find I am short by quite a few as most of the quilts I had in stock were all infant and baby quilts.

Please, please, if you have any large quilts you would like to donate to the people of the Carlton Fire and Methow Valley Fire let me know.

I am leaving on November 14th to head up that way and would love to have at least 100 quilts going with me.  This way, I only have 378 more to collect during the spring and summer of next year.

Please, let anyone you know that quilts, crochets or knits that we need brand new handmade quilts for these people and anything is a huge help at this time.

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