Sunday, December 21, 2014

Layers of Hope...Where The Money and Quilts Go

I always want to be in the open about anything this organization does and whether or not it becomes a Non-Profit or not, I feel it is important to let you know where the quilts and your money goes to.

I am NOT an accountant, however, I do keep logs of my expenses, my donations both monetary and tangibles.  I hope you feel that in 2015, you can continue to support this organization with your quilts and donations.

Layers of Hope Financial Report 2014
Monetary Donations 2014 -                             585.00
Gift Card Donation 2014 -                                   25.00
Quilt Sales 2014 -                                                 105.00
Total Receivables                                               $715.00
Trademark                                                                 55.00
Logo Design                                                            190.00
Postage                                                                     795.24
Office Supplies                                                          58.11
Gas For Distribution Trips                                  189.20
Meals For Distribution Trips                              114.08
Fabric & Batting                                                      249.82
Thread                                                                           54.85
Ebay/Etsy/Paypal Fee’s                                           45.51
Total Expenses 2014                                            $1752.53
Total Monetary Donations 2014                     -     715.00
End of Year Balance                                             -$1037.53
**Negative Balance Came Out of Personal Budget to Continue This Mission of Love**
Non-Monetary Donations 2014
Bolt of Batting                    1
Total Bolts Received            1
Quilts  Received                598
Handmade Blankets           95
Total Blankets/Quilts      703
 Quilts/Blankets Distributed
Quilts To Oso                     469
Quilts Okanogan                  95
(Includes 20 Baby Quilts 3 Rivers Hospital, 30 Room 1 Non-Profit for Fire Victims)
Quilts 911 Dispatchers       55  
Quilts of Compassion             6 Baby Quilts (Oklahoma Tornado)
Brookings Gospel Mission    8  Fleece Blankets
Total Distributed 2014     633 Quilts & Blankets
On Hand, 12/21/2014                  70 *
*65 of these are baby/infant quilts
Miscellaneous Received 
Knitted Baby Hats                             40
Pillowcases                                           40
Direct Quilt Mailings 2014 *
*Quilts from Quilter to Recipient                    23
Unknown Sent                                                         1
Vehicle Mileage 2014 for Layers of Hope
Oso Miles                                                     1380
Okanogan County Miles                            670
Postal Miles                                                  183.60
Total Vehicle Miles LOH-Q911              2233.60


LeahJ said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing. I know the love represented by the offerings lasts for years.

Quiltingranny said...

It truly is done with love for those unseen heroes that are always there in others times of need! Thank you Leah for stopping by!