Monday, January 12, 2015

Completed Table Runner

 I wish I could have gotten better pictures of this as it is really cool and the kids say it reminds them of piano keys.

The pattern is called Modern Waves and was in the Easy Quilts Spring 2015 done in nice browns and creams.
However, having musical grandchildren and several who share the same room, I decided to use musical notes on a white background and then black fabric with brightly colored musical notes.

It was a quick project to cut and piece and I used stitch in the ditch quilting and the back stitches are in a teal blue per special request from the girls.

The back is the same white fabric with black musical notes and the girls were excited to add it to their dresser.

I may try a few more in different color schemes to see how they come out!

Sometimes I just need a fun, quick project for the kids or the house to make me smile!


Sara said...

This is so sharp! Love it done in these black and white fabrics. Good choice.

Patty said...

It does look like piano keys, it's so cute!