Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thank You From Twisp and Room One!

On The Road to Okanogan County
So many feelings and thoughts racing through my mind right now and knowing that God truly is blessing and wanting me to continue this ministry.

This morning, going through the closets and seeing about the only quilts I have left are for babies and small children, I prayed and said, Lord, I can't do this alone we have so many quilts still needing to be sent and the bins are empty, I think it is time to say good-bye to Layers of Hope and move forward.

Can I say, God works miracles? Normally I do not answer calls from Private Caller, however, I am expecting a call from a counselor and thought perhaps it was her.

Instead, it was a Disaster Case Manager calling me from Room One
a non-profit organization located in Twisp, WA in Okanogan County and the disaster center for those that lost all in the Carlton Complex Fire last summer.

On November 1, 2014, a friend of mine left our homes and drove to Okanogan County and delivered quilts to many of the agencies (police and fire) that helped with the fires as well as to the local hospital who needed supplies and dropped off for Room One.

It is during these times, I gather quilts, I deliver or mail quilts, you mail quilts and we move on to the next need. If we get a thank you, I always pass them on and if we don't, I totally understand people are trying to rebuild their lives, they don't have time for thank you notes.

The woman on the phone told me, the quilts we took up to the area, the boxes of quilts the families who lost everything got to go through meant more to these families than a $5000 check to repair their home because it was the first thing many of them received to give them hope.

The quilts she said many times opened the flood gates of emotions these families were holding in because it showed them the compassion of strangers and most of the times it was the first thing that was theirs to keep and hand onto since they lost their homes.

The quilts were the best thing that happened to these people I was told and she only wished I could see the smiles, the tears and feel the joy she has been able to see and feel as the families come in and go through the boxes to pick out the quilt that fits them whether it is color, quilt pattern, theme, it is something that is theirs and she said they are so overwhelmed and thankful.

To all of you, who continue to support Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 with quilts, with fabric, with prayers, you have my deepest love and admiration and thanks from my heart, God Bles


Scrappy quilter said...

Don't give up. Some times you will have lots of quilts, other times few. Even having just one will touch a life and who knows it might touch more than one life. I want to encourage you to keep going as hard as it is right now. Hugs

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks so much and I will keep going!