Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another Wonderful Blog

When I worked l911, I never dreamed my husband and I would take on 3 amazing, beautiful, awesome and at times frustrating children who would grow up to be amazing artists, musicians, athletes.

At the time we knew we did NOT want our grandchildren to go to foster care and we believed mom and dad would get their act together and we would ride into the retirement sunset....

Fast forward 11 years and those kids just finished 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Yes, its true, we are now rounding the corner into high school and I know these 4 years will whiz by in the blink of an eye.

The oldest one Shyann, began her schooling at a charter school in Glendale, Arizona. The school was chosen because I worked with a detective whose daughter was the kinder teacher and I wanted Shyann in her class.

I have never, not once regretted that mistake. The lessons, Ms. Ybarra taught her students, the friends they made and left behind when so many of them moved, have never forgotten. 

Over the years, though I retired, I kept in contact with Detective Ybarra and four years ago her granddaughter Shiann (Coincidence in the name? My granddaughter thinks not, LOL!) was born with an Omphalocele.

Her mom, dad and grandparents have blogged and Facebooked about this little miracle princess, her daily routine, her to many to count hospitalizations, her many nurses that have come and gone, her near death experiences and I am one of the many who have been so blessed to meet this little doll!

With the exception of a trach and being hooked up to her oxygen machine most of the time, there just is no stopping this baby and let me tell you, she is a joy, she is a blessing and she can out eat me, she loves her food.

I find it amazing that her parents, Stephanie and Brandon are raising her with discipline and love. While I am sure she gets by with things, she doesn't with much because like mom said, they don't want her to be a brat.

Anyway, I say all of this, because now, you have an opportunity to meet this amazing family, follow their blog and give mom and dad the encouragement they need on days when things aren't going so grand. 

Please stop by Shiann's blog as told by mommy at: 
When you get there, tell them you came via Jean Kester's blog.

Today, her post made me cry. Stephanie can do that, she can write and you will laugh one day and cry the next, but it is real and from the heart and filled with love.

I believe in miracles and Shiann is a true miracle!

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