Monday, July 27, 2015

Please Consider Adopting a Quilt for Postage Costs

If I ever had to sell anything for a living, my family would starve to death and of that, I am certain.

However, right now, I am not trying to sell you anything, I am asking for you to please consider helping us with the cost of postage for our quilts.

So many of you read my blogs and know the great work we do to support 911 dispatchers and at times first responders with quilts and many of you contribute quilts so we can continue this mission.

However, I am reaching out to those of you who have never donated to us and always felt that 'maybe next time,' or 'so many others will step up,' however, that doesn't always happen and right now, I have several boxes of quilts that need shipping and honestly, there is just no money in my personal budget to ship them out.

Last year, we had many people contribute quilts, fabric, batting, etc. to keep us going and at times we would get an occasional donation and those occasional donations totaled $585 and trust me when I say they were huge blessings.

In the end however, when the numbers were all calculated, my husband and I spent $1037 out of our own pockets in postage, fabrics, gas for travels, printer paper, ink, stamps, etc..

My husband loves me and supports what I am doing and he feels we do make a difference. In addition to our mission here, we donate smaller quilts to other organizations that we cannot use and at times, I will sell small quilts we receive to keep this mission going.

However, this year donations have tumbled and I get that, I really do, we all have family to support, the economy stinks, we donate locally so our money can do good for our community, we don't trust what you do with your money, I have heard it all.

All I am asking is that perhaps you skip that latte for a few days and help us out. Perhaps you are a 911 dispatcher that has received or your department has received help and you can set up a penny or change collection jar for a month and help us out.

I don't want to have to NOT be able to help 'our unseen heroes,' in their time of need because we all have been helped or know someone who has been helped or may need help by these amazing people.

I know you get bombarded daily for requests, I get them in the mail all the time from organizations that are well known to those I have never heard of. My husband tells me I care to much, I give to much and that may be, but blessing others, blesses me in a way I cannot explain.

All, I am asking, is that if you have never donated to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 in the past and you feel in your heart and you have room in your budget to do so, please consider adopting a quilt for postage costs, so we can get them all out!

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