Friday, September 4, 2015

Please Step Up and Adopt a Quilt for a Firefighters Family

At this time, I have had someone have to back out for making a quilt for one of the firefighters wives, this one is extremely needing to be adopted and made.

Our need is:
1 - Wife
4 - In-Laws

These quilts can be as elaborate as you would like them or as simple as you would like them.  Here is an example of one that is done and has been sent to a brother of one of the fire fighters:

How awesome is this? 

In making a quilt for a family member, you can make them as elaborate, elegant or simple as you would like to.

I always ask that you consider putting something into the quilt that would make it personal...perhaps we learned the family took a trip to NYC...or they loved old trains...then you would want to incorporate that into your quilt.

Please, these families have lost their son, spouse, brother, father, nephew, uncle, etc. doing what they loved to do, taking the risk to help others stay safe, to keep their property safe and now, all they have is memories.

These quilts mean the world to these families. Please, won't you step up and adopt one of these family members?

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