Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Huge Warm Company Thanks!

Wow! I don't know about you, but to me, the holidays this year have just whizzed by and I really haven't had time to post much.

We decided for Thanksgiving this year, we would travel to California to see my moms 81 year old husband who lives alone since mom passed and his widower neighbor sold his home to live by his family.

We traveled with four adults, four children and two mini-vans.  I cooked for several days prior, we loaded up our ice chests into one van along with suitcases and the kids, hubby and I in another since our van has a DVD player.

We arrived safely, unloaded the vehicle and my son, his girlfriend and several of the kids took off to a hotel for the night, while hubby and I tucked into my moms room. (Her husband refuses to sleep in it any longer and I feel closer to mom since we had many long talks in this room).

Thanksgiving was a blast. Not much cooking, lots of walking, laughter and watching old movies for the kids.  After dinner, all the kids and parents went back to the hotel.  Hubby and I stayed up and watched a few movies with Gary.

The day after, my son, his girlfriend and all the kids traveled down to Stockton where they were met halfway by his cousins, their children and his step-great grandmother at a park where they caught up, had lunch and the kids fed geese and had a great time.

Hubby and I and Gary, took off and went antiquing around the small northern California town he lives in and it was nice to just have some quiet adult time. I even scored some amazing Christmas decorations at the brand new Salvation Army store that had opened up a few days prior.

We left the following day early as hubby had to be back to work on Sunday. This time however, we left the gear van behind so son could spend some quality time with his grandpa and he and his girlfriend explored the mountains and snow!

What I didn't talk about yet, is that my friend TK Harrison who happens to be an amazing mom, wife, quilter, quilt designer and can be found at Quilt Therapy, blessed me by telling the Warm Company (she happens to be one of their amazing quilt designers) about Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.

The next thing I know, Warm Company featured Layers of Hope on their Facebook page highlighting what we do for 911 operators and first responders.  I was so humbled and thankful at the same time.

The day before our trip to California, I am finishing up my last minute shopping when I receive a call from the Warm Company asking me how they can help. I told them I always need batting and they invited me to go to their factory to pick some up!

Hubby and I made the trip and it was so awesome!!! Not only were we blessed to bring home lots of batting, but it was a slower day when we arrived, we were blessed to be given a personal tour of the plant.

I cannot tell you how amazing the process is to make batting from the raw bales of cotton to the end product it is a man and machine operation that amazed us both. 

I usually purchase my batting a Joann's and it is always a roll of Warm and Natural for all my charity quilts and it goes quicker than I ever plan. So being blessed with what we received because of an amazing friend and company, I can't say enough about them!

I can say however:

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