Thursday, January 21, 2016

It Is All About Those Concerts and Traveling in 2016

As my grandchildren get older it gets harder to find them that perfect Christmas gift that won't just sit around and collect dust and is not electronic.

Christmas 2015 was perfect and taught a few lessons.  Our granddaughter was given an IPhone 5 by a friend who updated to the 6, so she sold it for $200, then traded her IPOD for an Android phone that sadly did not work. It was a lesson learned that she should always have an adult with her when doing things like this and not run to the end of the drive to meet with someone!

However, she took the $200 and went out and purchased everyone on her list (a total of 12) and all the gifts were thoughtful and meant something to the receiver.  

For her 2 cousins that traveled up from Arizona she got them headsets to go with the portable DVD players hubby and I got them for their trip home.  One was Minions, the other Hello Kitty which is what each loves.

For me, a gift card to JoAnn's, her Papa, a gift card from Cabella's, her dad (well she had given up part of her Christmas from us as each of her siblings did to get him special glasses so he can see real colors as he is color blind...he cried like a baby!), boots for her soon to be step-sibling, a video for a younger soon to be step-sibling, Wall Decor for her aunt that spelled out MOTHER, WSU socks for her sister, etc..

I was so impressed she had $4 left over that I told her next, year, she could do my shopping!

Since she and her Papa have been fishing buddies since she was still in diapers and always listen to classic rock while fishing, I got them tickets to see the last Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath concert and I am talking close up tickets.

I made a scavenger hunt and it was funny to watch their faces as they tried to figure out the clues but at each clue was a clue...the first one was a CD for each of them...classic Black Sabbath. They were so excited to have music for fishing (Really??Said with sarcasm). Then they found Ozzy glasses and thought they were sunglasses for fishing (I am NOT related to, then tee-shirts and finally, the last clue they figured it out!

Years ago I was all over that music and I still listen when hubby and I travel, but the two of them are like two peas in a pod and both are looking forward to wearing their tee-shirts, glasses and spending the day together. My hubby even took the next day off so they don't have to rush getting home!

Then, the other three (2 grands and a soon to be 3rd grand in the form of her mom marrying our son) and their tickets are to see Toby Mac/Building 429, etc. on tour.  Tickets were for hubby and I as well and we will stay overnight after this one.

These concerts will provide years of memories and collect no dust and I loved that.

One of our church members does Hip Hop Christian Music and he is amazing. His name is Kurtis and goes by Triple Thr33 and has created a music company, Ephesian Music Company. If you have a family member who loves Hip Hop Christian music or Hip Hop, I highly suggest you head over to the link above and leave Kurtis a comment and tell him the Kester Family from CCCOG told you to stop by.

You can also check out his Facebook page. Our grandson loves HipHop however, I am not a fan of the vulgar stuff and banned it but he was on top of the world the other day when Kurtis handed him a hoodie with his logo and 2 tickets to his upcoming concert for he and his dad. I purchased the items, but asked Kurtis to personally hand them to our grandson so it would have more of an impact!

Not always at a Christian venue, Kurtis goes to many other Hip Hop music venues so he can help others change their lives, so our son and his girlfriend are going to the one Kurtis told us wouldn't be good for the kids.  They will have a night out and as members of our church as well, they can reach out to others. 

I also have several trips planned this year for hubby and I. We need time for us as as we get older, I want time for us! The kids and their dad can hold the fort down.

I hope you all made wonderful memories this Christmas!

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