Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Single Dad Needs Vehicle

I can get on my blog thousands of times over and over again and ask for quilts, fabric, etc. for those families in need during times of tragedy and I have been so blessed to reach over 1000 families since I started helping 911 personnel and emergency responder's and their families.

However, to ask for a need of my own, I feel awkward and undeserving and self serving. I was raised to take care of my own, not accept charity, but the last 2 years have really knocked our family off its axis so to speak and I find myself not just asking for help, but imploring others to please help.

My son has been out of prison for just over two years and he has had an abdominal and inguinal hernia repair and has been out of work over a year due to a fractured back.

My son has turned his life over to God, is a mentor to youth in the schools, has been asked to work with men in the jails, he presents his testimony, he is a co-leader and board member of the men's group at our church and his closest friend is an amazingly spunky 86 year old woman who has adopted him and our family as her own.

My son was living with his girlfriend and sadly yet honestly, the more he attended church and church functions alone or with his family, the more withdrawn his girl friend became. Said girlfriend quit attending church or any church functions from family nights to concerts and finally, she told him and his 3 children to get out of her home.

My son was just getting ready to start vocational rehab so he can return to work as something other than a laborer and now he and his children are wondering what to do. 

My son needs a vehicle to get his children from where they live now in the next town over to school and back to their current housing situation. He needs to get to vocational rehab 20 miles away and while I have a vehicle, I cannot always be available to take them places due to my health and doctor visits.

I have set up a Go Fund Me account:
and I am asking for anyone to search their hearts and make a donation to help us reach his goal of $1500. 

I know this goal sounds lofty, however, we are thinking a reliable cheap car, his title and tags and then 3 to 6 months insurance and that will be high because he hasn't had any due to not driving.

We have already raised over half of the amount we need, we just need to complete the goal and get him back on his feet.

Any amount, $5, $10 or whatever you feel would be comfortable would be helpful and it can remain anonymous.

Please, wont you help us help our son get back on his feet? He is really trying to do what he needs to do and according to his old corrections officer, he is doing great as several people have left where he was after he left and are now back. My son does not see that as an option.

Please, help my grands and their dad. If you would like more information, please feel free to post a comment with your email and I will get back to you!

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