Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ability To Help Others

I sold another baby quilt a few days ago on Ebay and when I was done calculating Ebays fee's, paypal fee's & the portion I donated to charity, I cleared about $18 on a quilt I sold for $30. But that is okay, because that sale had the ability to help others.

First of all, it helped someone pick out a quilt that was unique for a gift they wanted to give. Then a portion of it went to a charity that works making clothing for preemies, it helped Ebay and paypal get a bit richer & in the end, it helps me to add it to my debt snowball & pay another small bill off once and for all.

While we may struggle from time to time with all the debt we have, I must remember that while I was making good money, I never thought about my credit card debt or putting money back. I withdrew funds to fix up our new home and to be able to pay my debts while I took an entire summer off to spend with the grandchildren and that can't be paid for. I also was able to live and pay bills until November when my savings hit bottom.

We are struggling from time to time, but we are blessed to be able to work & even with my Fibromyalgia and inability to move when I first get out of bed in the morning, once I get going I am alright. I may limp during the day or have to put my feet up, but I keep going like the bunny on those battery commercials.

I know that this month I will be able to pay 3 small bills off, catch up on two others and pay what I owe on others and I know that my bank will defer one of my payments and that will help me next month. I don't want to call it creative financing, just creative bill paying. What killed me was my youngest son with Autism running my cell phone bill up to over $600 & that is almost what I make in a month.

I believe in the fact that when we bless others or pay it forward, we are blessed in return in some small way & I live by that principal. While we may not have what we had in Arizona, I can sleep all night here not worrying about if my car will get stolen or I will be shot on the way home from work. We have food to eat, we have love in our hearts and wood in our woodstove to keep us warm.

While I may not find a job, I have been approached by a person for a resume and there may be more hope with him than anyone else because they are also new to town and more willing to give me a shot. I have looked for part-time work, but when we moved here, we decided I would only work where it would be good for the children,

As a reading tutor with Americorps, I am blessed to have a job where I can work Monday-Friday with week-ends off and work in the community where I live and have my grandchildren basically at work with me. What a blessing to see so many smiling fresh faces each day.

Oh sure, I complain from time to time about a 65 mile one way trip several times a month for meetings, I complain about a check that only comes twice a month and the amount we are paid for the amount of time we put in, but I do feel blessed to be working around the children.

I still have visions of that benevolent person out there that is going to swoop in and offer to pay my families debt off and put us in a home on an acre or two, after all, I have just as much a chance of that happening as I do of winning the lottery and since I don't play the lottery, well, one never knows what is in God's plans and I have heard many a great person started in Americorps, so maybe someone out there will take pity on me. HAHAHAHAHA!!! No, seriously though!

So, if you ride a Harley and you want to help someone else out who rides, we could use some help paying the Harley off. If you are raising a family or your grandchildren and want to help another family in need out, we could use having our van paid off or new tires on our truck. We have a furniture bill that needs to be paid & a few credit cards. Even if you would like to pay for the entire re-wiring of our home so we could get central air/heat in a 1927 built home, I won't say no.

Life has a way of working everything out and I know each day that I get up and can move, I am blessed in so many ways. How about you? How have you been blessed today? There are so many awesome ways to be blessed! Let me know!

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