Monday, January 21, 2008

Filling an Album

Wow! Someone once told me that it would mean alot to someone someday if they knew more about the quilt they had and that I should start signing and recording each quilt I made. Well, I do okay for awhile and then I forget, but today I went to record a quilt sale and found my album was full.

I have taken pictures of my quilts and recorded who they went to, when I made them, what they were made with and their sizes. I have pictures of some of my quilt recipients (such as the Hurricane Katrina dispatchers, flood victims, friends, etc.) and still many of them are sent out and no picture is returned.

There are the dispatchers at Virginia Tech I worked feverishly to complete quilts for and then forgot to sign and take pictures of the quilts, so I have no record of them with the exception of a very nice thank you note.

While I keep names and addresses of my Ebay customers and a picture of what they bought, I do think they would think I was odd if I requested a picture of them with my quilt, so I don't ask. Still though, I wonder about each quilt I make.

I am working on 3 separate quilts now (one can never have enough quilt projects...haha!) a cross stitch Christmas piece that I have been working on for over 2 years, a heart quilt for a Valentine basket for a school auction and a quilt for the homeless.

I donated 15% of the sale of my last quilt to a charity and try to give to charities each time I sell on Ebay. That is a real bonus for me to be able to give back to others.

However, I have a quilt project that I just need to get done for a dispatcher in Louisiana that has waited to long for one of my quilts. Perhaps, soon I can get it finished.

Oh, the ramblings of a quilter!

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