Monday, January 7, 2008

Almost a snow day

Well, today was almost a snow day at school. When I first woke up the snow was gently falling and fell for about an hour and then stopped. There was no rain with it today, but it was soooooooo cold for someone who is a transplant from Arizona.

I was on top of my game though and started the car a few minutes earlier than usual and while it was warming up we all put on our hats, gloves, coats and scarves. When I went back out the front and rear windows were somewhat thawed, but I still had lots of ice to scrape.

I left a bit earlier for fear of the roads being ices or should I say the hill I have to drive down. I was right, but I just kept a steady speed of about 15 MPH and did well. When I came to the stop sign I felt the van skid on ice (I thought). I later learned it was the pulsing of the ABS from being ridden so long down the hill. Who knew?

At school the first class I assist with I looked out the windows and it was snowing to beat the band, it was coming down in big beautiful snow flakes and when looking out the window as the flakes fell you could occassionally see the shape of the flakes, it was amazing!

It is funny the effect that snow has on kids. All of a sudden, the room was chirping and the kids were just silly. I think they were hoping school would close and the snow would stick and they could go out and play.

Yesterday it snowed and stuck and I got pictures of the kids as they made a snowman. I will post them here at a later date.

For those who love the snow like I do, it not sticking is a bummer. For those who hate it, they could watch it fall knowing it wouldn't stick to the ground and sigh a sigh of relief.

I love to see the kids reaction to snow!

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