Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Grandchild

Well, many of you know about the three grandchildren my husband and I are raising, but I don't talk very much of the others. These babies have another little sister that is still with their mother & we miss her so much. It grieves us to know that the mother doesn't take care of here, she is less than 3 years old and her teeth are rotting, she is repeatedly violating judges orders by not allowing my son to have visitation with her.

Then there are the 3 oldest grandchildren I have who live in California with their mom and soon to be step-dad. They are great kids and my ex-daughter in-law and I still keep in touch and get along great. We are just very close and both of us know that if we ever needed anything, we would be there for each other. Missy is just a really sweet girl.

Lastly, I have 2 other grandchildren (well, legally only one is mine, but her paternal grandparents and father want nothing to do with her, so we kind of adopted her), the other one is about 6 years old. These children live with a mother who is seriously a sociopathic liar, manipulator & very mentally ill. She is so bad, her own parents are terrified of her.

This woman has convinced police officers that an order of protection against her to stay away from our son and their 2 children was really against him and she got her children and left the state of Arizona, taking everything they owned (which wasn't much).

She hooked up with someone I don't know much about and they spent most of their time living in the forests and sleeping under tree's. This may be good for adults, but not for children. Their maternal grandmother said the last time she saw them, they were terrified. But she and her husband won't go after the children because they are afraid of her.

Dearest soon to be ex-daughter in law has tried to have her first two husbands whacked. One has disappeared and the grandmother has never seen her first granddaughter because he is so afraid this woman will hurt her own daughter.

The only reason she has the children are they are her meal ticket. She once lived in Arizona and she was so bad her calls took up over 90% of one of their shifts workload. They threatened to arrest her is she called again, she did and they did several times until she realized she couldn't manipulate them or my family and she moved back to Washington.

My son hasn't been able to locate her. When he tried, he was told there was a valid order of protection against him (there isn't, but he has to prove it...how do you do that?). He finally found her by hiring a private investigator to serve divorce papers on her. She was livid, but I wonder what she would do if she knew we lived less than 5 miles from her front door?

My son is working on his counseling degree, staying sober, out of trouble and trying to get his life going & doing a great job! He deserves to see his daughter. He loves her very much, he has never hurt her (she even accused him of molesting her, which was disproved by medical findings). She deserves to know her daddy is looking for her and loves her.

I have no respect for the other grandparents. They will stand by my sons side, but they won't do anything to change their lifestyle for the sake of an innocent child. How sad, they will miss so much in the future.

Just ramblings!

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