Sunday, January 13, 2008


We are finally ready to shut down the storage unit we have had in town since 2006. However, we ran into a glitch.

I went to storage about 3 weeks or so ago, took pictures of the mattress, bed and other parts, however, I never imagined that somehow water would get into the mattress. So, here I get a sweet lady who wants to buy it for $300 (the set is worth about $500 or so).

She is so worried someone may steal it from her, that she sends me a check and I cash it. I get there today 7 the mattress is soaked with rain water. It is wet to the touch and has huge yellow stains on it. It wasn't this way when we put it in there.

As I looked around, I could see wet spots on the floor so we are assuming water leaked into the unit from another unit and here I was...stuck.

So, feeling like crap, I let her have the entire set for $125. My gosh, she had repainted her bedroom, fixed it all up and was looking forward to this and then disaster struck.

I reimbursed her right there on the spot $100. Will send her the other $75 tomorrow.

In the long run however, we are all okay for it because after 3 months I will recoup my losses!

Just sucks to think all is well and it isn't!

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