Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year - 2008

Well, our evening was pretty uneventful. DH came home sick with a head cold & the little ones are to small to stay up. So, once everyone tucked into bed and fell asleep, I sat up reading some old quilt magazines I have.

Today, has been busy and peaceful. I got up, did my general cleaning, laundry, loaded the firewood holder with wood (DH still sick, snoring fitfully on couch!), made myself a cup of tea and finished the quilted photo frame (I goofed somewhere, because it really looks pretty ugly) and have almost completed my old Pastor's grandsons quilt. Baby Max, was born pre-maturely and has been gaining weight and struggling to come home, so it only fitting the quilt will be done today and sent off next week.

The baby quilt is really pretty and I doing a stitch in the ditch frame around the inside and then my oldest granddaughter (6 years) and I will sit down and hand knot it. I will post a picture here when I am done.

Will also post some pictures of Christmas gifts that I am mailing off late due to that storm the first week of December. It really seems to have knocked my clock kattywampus out of whack a bit.

I am also working on a quilt that is a nine-patch/four-patch combination for one of the homeless teens & trying to finish a cross stitch Christmas quilt that I am now coming up on three years to complete. it is huge and takes lots of time.

Everyone is napping except me and ogd (oldest granddaughter) so will stop here so she can read me her latest Junie B book.

Happy New Years Everyone!

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