Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Quilts, As Promised

A Quilt for Baby Max

As promised, here are the pictures of the quilt I completed for Baby Max Lopes, my former Pastor's new grandson. It is approximately 46 x 50 and as you can see by the pictures, it has a lot of detail.

The middle panel is individual little pictures of bears, boats, wagon, etc. At the top and bottom of this are denim colored cotton material with each corner bearing a white flannel square with blue stars on it. The sides are the same blue cotton fabric.

The outside border is white flannel with baby footprints in a variety of colors at the top and the sides have the same print with alphabet flannel squares added. Outside of that are teddy bear border in cotton and the outer most border is a pale green fleece with ducks on it.

Hopefully, you can see in the picture on the left a bit more detail of the front of the quilt. The middle picture is the back of the quilt. It truly is a beautiful, fluffy and soft quilt for a newborn.
The last picture on the right above is my signature, showing it is a Ranny Jean's creation and was made in 2008.
I just received word from the church prayer team leader that Baby Max is not doing so well and his parents and family are by his side. Apparently he had a blood transfusion last evening and something is going on that the doctors feel may be life threatening. Please, I am begging you if you read this to take a minute and pray for this baby who needs all the prayers he can get.

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soren2go said...

Praying for baby Max. May the Lord strengthen and heal him and be all who love him.