Saturday, January 26, 2008

Its almost time for...NASCAR

For those of you that aren't NASCAR fans, you just wouldn't understand how I know or why I care that NASCAR is just 21 days, 18 hours and 1 minute away.
You wouldn't understand the rush as the jets fly over the field right before 'Gentleman Start Your Engines,' is hollered and the feel of the rumble from the engines in the stands, the smell of fuel and rubber in your nose and the ultimate high as the pace car leaves the track and the race is on!
The picture above is one I shot at Phoenix International Raceway a few years ago. It is just a neat picture with Tony Stewart, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon. I thought for some reason today I would talk about my love for the sport.
When we lived in Phoenix, we were less than 2 miles from Phoenix International Raceway, we could sit and watch on most of 4 corners as the car haulers began bringing the cars into the track the week before the race. We could meet some of the drivers in local restaurants and bars if you were looking close enough. You could meet them in person if you knew where to find them.
Then, my hubby and some friends would begin the task of packing up all of our RV's, checking the road for parking and they would sit out on the roadway for a few days waiting to get into temporary parking. There they would sit for a few more days before the trek into the park got going. It was a rush to sit there and a rush to drive one at a time into the park and find our spots.
I miss it so much and I don't even know when we will be able to return to a race, whether it is one in Phoenix or one elsewhere. It isn't likely that someone is going to fly us to see them race. Though I wish we could. The kids would be so excited. They loved the races and they loved to camp out and sleep in the overhead sleeper of the RV.
We sold our home, we sold our RV, we moved to Washington and someday if we are blessed, we will get to go back and watch a race they way we did for many years as a family.

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