Monday, February 4, 2008

Sick Babies

The grandbabies have been having a rough time of it the past few days. One was running over a 100 degree temperature most of yesterday, but late today seems to have sprung back. While the oldest, has been sick since Saturday with an off and on high temperature, complaints of severe tummy ache, sore throat. I figured it was just a bug, however today we were directed by our pediatrician to take her to the emergency room. She has Strep Throat. Poor Baby!

I have to give kudos to the Grays Harbor Community Hospital ER staff, they were very sweet, kind and quick. We were in and out in less than an hour and a half & we even walked out with a bottle of her antibiotic and one dose down her before we left. My only complaint was there was no television in the room and for a small child, she got pretty bored, but she was a trooper.

I just can't stand to see the little ones sick, they just lay around and try to be brave, but cry and cry.

While they were sick, I was able to work on 2 more of my quilts. I am sure by now people are tired of seeing them, but here is my latest, a crib set for $20. The one on top is 21 1/2" w x 31 1/2" long, I made it from the left over scraps from previous baby quilts. This one would be perfect for tucking a baby into a car seat or cradle.

This one is the larger one based on a pattern known as Almost Amish. It is much larger and
perfect for the crib or to wrap the baby all snuggly and warm in. Both are just adorable with
the little baby feet print around them and the
stars. The teddy bear pattern is the cutest I have seen in awhile.
Currently, I am working on a 9 patch/2 patch for
some homeless youth in our town and a NASCAR
themed crib blanket that I think will be a huge
The house we were hoping to get is sold already so I am believing it was not in Gods timing.
We are still trying to recover from the disaster and get our roof fixed. Our insurance company, Liberty Mutual is giving us excuses at every twist and turn. First they said the contractors were ripping us off (we checked jobs equal to ours prior to the storm, their prices are very consistent). Then they said we got a bid for 30 year shingles and we need bids for 20 year shingles. Once that was done we were told no one sent in a picture of our skylight which needs to be replaced. I swear, the more damage you have, the longer in getting the problem fixed.
Babies are all in bed, so I will say goodnight!

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