Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The beginnings of a quilt

From scraps on the dining room table in various textures and colors as these two pictures show. One is two triangles pieced together to make one block and the other picture is of small squares with which I am making a 9 patch block. All of these fabrics have been used over and over again in many projects.

Something tells me that while I am asleep, my fabric boxes are doing some magical mating because the more I think I use a fabric, the more I seem to have!As you can see by the tablecloth pattern in pine and berries, that first of all I haven't changed my tablecloth since Christmas (it is clean!) and secondly, I do all of my sewing in my dining room. Oh how I dream to have a nice sewing area, but it isn't in our budget at this time.

The picture above is the top in progress. I hope you enjoy seeing the makings of quilts.

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