Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Homeless Child

How would you feel if your child were homeless? If he was disabled? If you couldn't help them? If redtape caused him to die, to starve to death, to live on the streets? How would you feel if your child had Austism and was homeless?

My youngest son has Aspergers Syndrome and through no fault of his own, was sent to prison for something even his own attorney knew he didn't do. He served his time, he has been a model citizen since then (no, I am not talking about the son who got stupid!).

This young man has worked 2 jobs, moved in with friends to help them out when one lost their job, moved out when they had a new baby so they didn't feel intruded upon, moved in with another friend, who ripped him off and kicked him to the streets.

The kid still had a great outlook on life. After all, he still had his car and work. Then the place he was staying with his brother was raided and he was again without a place to live, but a women in the area took him in, got him a cellphone, provided him food and shelter. Oops, the management found out he was a felon, so they had his car impounded and told him to leave and not come back. He didn't do anything wrong, he was a felon.

Still, the kid was a rock. Paid his probation fees, met his probation officer as scheduled. Then he looses his job because the company said he had to many problems. Now, he is without a car, no place to stay and he is living behind Chase Field in Phoenix.

How would you feel if the probation officer told you, he petitioned for his release from probation early, but the court said they couldn't allow that. So, he has no job, no car, no place to live, is still on probation and guess what? He is still smiling.

Oh how we want him to come up here and stay for awhile, but then, what happens when he must return to Phoenix and he has nothing to return too?

If anyone out there reads this and has the least little bit of compassion for someone who isn't looking for a hand out but a job and a place to lay his head, drop me an Email.

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