Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Friday!

Praise the Lord, it is Friday!
Last night, strong winds & rain
bang, bang, thump, bang, something loud, outside against the house, bang again
Up all night
Remember to remove large wind chimes, bring them inside
There is goes again, Bang, only louder
Hubby outside with flashlight
Could be roof boards...
Yes, tarp with boards,
Still no insurance for new roof
Liberty Mutual, remember to change from them after new roof
Underpaid, requested more, said roof was 30 year shingles, need estimates for 20 year
One company included new skylight, one company forgot, remember to call them
Bang, Bang, Bang,
Please, I can't sleep at all
Finally, drift off
Alarm clock goes
Get up, make muffins for children
Remove car seats from van
Put car seats in truck
Get dressed
Leave for Olympia
Stop by gas station
Stop by Safeway, get water and bananas for lunch,
Meet team at rendevous point,
Drive to Evergreen College (I hate these meetings)
Leave Evergreen & Go to another team meeting (Did I say I hate these meetings?)
Leave meeting, go to Rheumatologist
Will leave there and go to volunteer site
Get home tonight around seven, eat (won't taste it, am tired of soup)
Bed by ten,
Maybe, banging will be fixed and I will sleep!

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