Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Quilt Done!

I completed another quilt and with this one I am torn on whether to sell it or keep it. It is a machine appliqued quilt of a Scarecrow, pumpkins and falling leaves. It is so cute and so nice looking that you can almost smell the pumpkin pies cooking or hear the children's laughter as they run through the newly fallen leaves.

I think he is just adorable and I have him listed on Ebay along with a large apron with a Turkey and some kitchen linens. I just think anyone that loves the fall season will love this little guy.

One can use this as
a couch or chair throw, a flag outside or a wall hanging in a classroom. After all, teachers love their constant changing classrooms and they reflect in them a child like quality we all wish we still maintained.

Working at an elementary school this year has given me the gift of wonder and amazement from a child's eyes. I have seen the largest child as the sneak through the halls looking for the Gingerbread Man that ran away or the sneaky Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day.

I have been given the gifts of hugs on a daily basis not because of what I have or what I may give the children, but what I do for them and hugs are so spontaneous and genuine, you just can't make those up!

While at times I have not enjoyed the pay end of my job, I have been able to see kids eyes and faces light up when firefighters walk into their rooms to read to them, a volunteer project that I worked on to get our local fire department to volunteer and they have come out every week and they are excited and the kids see this!

I may not be rich, I may not ever win the lottery, but I have something many people do not, I live in a town where there is beauty all around me in the greens of the trees, to the blues of the waters, to the bright colors of Hydrangeas and Peonies growing wildly along the roadside.

May all of you, be so blessed!

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