Monday, April 14, 2008

Catching Up!

Finally, I am almost completely caught up on my quilt making. I put the finishing touches on the Scarecrow this week-end, completed my best friends 'Grandmother Diaper Bag,' completed her daughters 'Auntie,' diaper bag, added tags to 2 baby quilts. Now all I have left to finish is an amazing NASCAR quilt, finishing touches on the quilt for the homeless teens and to start a quilt for New Orleans dispatchers.

I know, it sounds like a lot to do, but I just find so much relaxation and creativity in my quilting, that I am always doing new projects.

The great thing is, we are having an open air market in Aberdeen very shortly and I am planning on taking my quilts out there to get a feel for how they do. Perhaps a few other little projects.

I listed the scarecrow on 2Good2Toss and posted a price, however, it didn't come through. One lady told me, that she finds great deals free all the time and now didn't want it. I agreed with her, there are some amazing deals on the site for fee, however my quilts are NOT free!

Another day in school!

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