Friday, April 25, 2008

Farmers & Gas Companies Use Fear to Raise Prices

I am not going to be on the back patting side of the farmers with this blog, however I must take a stand and am hoping others like me will as well!
Farmers and Gas Companies are NOT stupid people, WE are. For how many years have we allowed the gas companies to raise prices every year like clock work around April and May just as most Americans are getting ready to go on vacation? Oh, the gas companies state the price of oil is going up, but come on people, every year at the same time? Give me a break!!
Not to mention have you seen some of the homes that the Saudi's have built on our gas dollars? Or how about some of the homes of the CEO's in America? Its just a way to make the rich get richer.

Now, farmers have gotten in on the game. All they have to do is cut back on rice growing or state there were record storms, etc. and look at us going into shortages of rice! People in other countries are starving and they can't even get rice. This is how the government controls us, they state shortage and we panic and buy up every last rice grain we can find! Give me a break, go out and buy something else until this blows over.

Years ago, their were banana shortages and banana wars all over the banana plantations. Don't believe me? Look up the history of the banana and you will see for yourself, how corporations, plantation owners and farmers can control the prices any way they want to and they can get by with it.

Are you even aware that the United States government is still subsidizing farmers to the tune of millions of dollars? Why? How can we turn our back on these things? Now, I am not saying some of the small farmers don't need subsidies, because I saw what happens when realtors and investors become land hungry and push the farmers out. They have to either quit their lively hood, or find more land.

OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!! My goodness, in Phoenix I watched in amazement how farmers who had lived on their land for many years were kicked to the curb due to zealous land investors. I watched in sadness as Hickman Egg Farm who fought the City of Glendale as hard as it could, lost its land for homes. Why? Because Chicken Poo doesn't smell to good and many people who had moved into homes surrounding the chicken farm complained.

I was saddened when a farmer I know leased some of his land out to a company so they could make Mulch....not fertilizer, but composte/mulch out of old trees and clippings from the Phoenix area. It was great to buy naturally organic mulch for our garden. Then, in moves Costco and some other businesses and all of a sudden, the mulch company is being targeted because people don't want to smell poo!

Get a life Americans! Just because you buy a home near a dairy, doesn't mean the farmer should spray its pile of cow shit so you don't have to smell it! The Air Force shouldn't have to move its flight plan because you were the idiot that bought a home right smack in the middle of the flight path!

We are spoiled and we feel we are entitled to certain things, when in reality, we are not entitled to anything and we need to buck up and realize that!

But, this goes to farmers and gas companies as well. Farms were a $92 Billion profit company last year, the gas companies were probably way more than that and yet, farmers still want subsidies, gas companies still want subsidies. We have created monsters and we can't stop them now. So, will the subsidies help?

Let me ask you what the cost of rice is in your area? Are they helping? Of course NOT!! Now we are being told the cost is rising on all commodities such as rice, corn and soybeans because they are being used for alternative fuels.

Will someone please pull the hook out of my mouth? I am not being reeled in by this one! If this is the case, then I am going into alternative fuel farming myself.

There has to be a time when we as Americans stop our panic everytime the government wants us to panic and realize it is a ploy to get us to become more reliant on them and less reliant on ourselves.

It is time we go back to thinking for ourselves and realizing we can help ourselves if we don't panic and horde rice, soybeans, gas or whatever else the farmers and or large corporations want to make more money on.

Then again, hmmmmm, I hear there is a shortage of quilts on the market....Naaah, that'll never work!

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