Friday, May 2, 2008

When will it end?

I woke up Thursday morning to horrible pain in my left ankle. It hurt so bad I cried everytime I tried to move it. Poor Papa, once again his days off are linked to me being hurt or sick. I try to contact my physician and get told even though it may be an emergency, they won't see me until next week. So, then I call hubbies physician and they can't see me until Friday.
What the heck?? I am really beginning to get sick of the physicians in this area as it almost takes an act of congress to see one.

So, off to the emergency room I go. They were really great, gave me a warm blanket for my feet, came in to see me right away, but I have a very different medical opinion than the doctor does. He thinks it is an Arthritis flare up/sprain. Funny, I don't recall stepping oddly, or twisting or pulling anything and as far as the flare up goes...all my docs tell me that my arthritis is just in my back.

They did X-Rays of my foot, but came up empty handed. I think they need to do some more testing from my lower left side of my back to my toes to see what exactly is going wrong! In the meantime, I am taking an aspirin a day just in case this might be a clot!

I hate this. I lay on the couch with my foot up and ice and heat it, but I still can't put it on the floor. I just wish I didn't have so many medical problems. They are grating on hubby, I can see it in his face.

I felt so guilty, that I did dishes tonight (our DW is broken, so I wash them by hand) and I did them until I couldn't take the pain in my foot any longer. The kids are helping me with wash (thank you Jesus for front loaders!).

My quilts are sitting waiting to be finished and I can't get on the floor to finish them. One is for North Beach High School civics class the other is a Sunbonnet Sue/Sam quilt to sell.

Until I broke my leg November 2006, I was a basically healthy person. Now I wonder how much more is going to happen to me?

Just feeling blue a bit!

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