Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday....

I just love this picture of the granny holding a quilt, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. How wonderful to just close my eyes and imagine my grandmother at her sewing machine making
clothes for my sisters and I as she always did. I also had another grandmother that made quilts and I still have one of hers left. Maybe that is why I save so many scraps of fabric and why I always seem to have several quilt projects going at one time.
Today is my granddaughters birthday and we all sang to her at our after school program while she hid her face, but I think she really liked it. She was so excited when she opened up her Kyle Petty NASCAR jacket. She loves Kyle like only a 7 year old can and that means to the point if he doesn't race, she doesn't think the race is worth watching.
Tonight, we will go to the local bowling alley where her PaPa is supposed to have bought her an icecream cake...I hope he remembered!~
Happy Birthday Pumpkin Face!

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