Friday, June 20, 2008

Schools Out!

Wow! Today is the last day of school. Remember when you were younger and the last day of school was so exciting because that meant you didn't have to go to school for the entire summer?
Well, let me tell you something, I believe that the last day of school is truly more exhausting and more exciting for the teachers than it is for students.

While many will remember fond memories with students, the laughters, the craziness, the goofy answers from kids, the teachers are just exhausted! But their job doesn't end today, it goes on for another few weeks.

I never realized class rooms have to be emptied and made ready for next years books and curriculum. Desks have to be emptied and cleaned with antibacterial soap. Furniture has to be moved, there are lots of small details that need to be completed!

Then, there is the sadness that comes with teachers that retire, teachers that have been transferred and or laid off and will not be back.

For me as an Americorps worker, this year had many highlights....I got to work with an awesome second grade class for reading and math everyday and watch them grow up and watch as they got their facts right and how excited they were.

I got to see students that could barely read, move into a higher reading group than mine and when the testing was all complete, this student made huge progress and is still going strong. I am able to say I made a difference this year in a childs life by helping them learn to read and they want to read.

It was the sadness of going into a room and knowing a student I had gotten to know had moved and wouldn't be back.

It was frustrating as students didn't show up for classes for days and weeks and just as you had thought they moved, back they were stating their mom or dad or legal guardian had taken them to visit someone. These are the kids that need our love and prayers, because their parents don't care if they get an eduation or not.

It was working as a team with teachers and being trusted to work with a child that in the beginning was overwhelming and in the end, well I had fallen in love with all of them.

I learned, patience, understanding, love, caring and more in watching students reach out to others in need and encourage each other in meeting goals!

I also realized, I do not have patience for co-workers that do not act their age, do not know where a child is or deliberately left a child in a class room. I do not want to hear about their boyfriends, their family problems or their latest crush!

I also realized I have a stronger work ethic than many of my co-workers. Even with pain from my Fibromyalgia everyday, I went to work, I stayed at work and I did my job and sometimes theirs. I observed co-workers that do nothing all day but pretend to be working & no one seems to notice & when they do and say something, nothing changed.

I realized, how much fun teachers and school really is!

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

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