Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quilts & More Quilts

I am so excited. I went to WalMart today (well, that isn't what was exciting) to find embroidery thread. Now understand that I believe Aberdeen has the smallest if not closest to the smallest WalMart store ever and it keeps getting smaller and smaller in the area of notions.

So, I am making a quilt to enter into the local fair and looking for thread & WM not longer carries it. They sent me to my local quilt store where they have a huge new embroidery thread display, I mean it is gigantic! So, I picked up a couple of skeins for my project & while I was checking out, there it was....

Mark your calendar you Northwesterners for the Fall 2008 Quilt Shop Hop. It starts October 24th and goes until November 2nd and it covers the southwest portion of Washington state. So, whether you live in Seattle or Spokane, if you are a quilter and love quilt shop hops, check out & bookmark it as right now the site is a bit weak but I am sure it will have more on it the closer it gets.

The hop is being sponsored by Gee Gee's Quilting in Yelm and you can check out her shop at Mark it on your calendar and be sure to tell Gee Gee's that Ranny Jean of Aberdeen sent you. While she doesn't know me, you can still tell her where you got your info.

Now, for pictures of the latest project I am doing:

I just love Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam and I am hoping to have this one ready and entered into our local county fair. This is my first ever entry, so I am just hoping to get it noticed. I will keep you all posted on the outcome!

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