Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Old Friend...The air cast

Have you ever had a friend that at one time or another, you were grateful to have and it seemed shortly thereafter, grateful to see go and really hoped that you would never run into again?

Well, today, I ran into one of those old friends and here is its picture: Yep, you guessed what it is, my old buddy the walking cast or air boot and this particular one oddly enough, has my foot & leg in it. Hey! If I can't make humor out of this, I am a goner!

My hats off to Hanger Orthotics and Prosthetics on Lily Road in Olympia, they were just awesome, amazingly quick, thorough and friendly and believe it or not, I was in and out of their office in less than (drum roll please) 15 minutes.

I had a friend drive me to Olympia and she knows the area well, so we went out and had a real nice sit-down, non fast food lunch at a buffet that had an amazing salad bar and some excellent sugar free desserts.

It was a nice change of pace for a change to have girl talk and sit down and just have a great time.

Please say a prayer for me, I have an interview tomorrow at a local pediatricians office and one next week. I am thinking Hot Pink toe nail polish would go nicely with the cast. Anyone else want to suggest a color?

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