Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Giant Boo Boo

I took the kids with me yesterday to run errands and take a country drive. First errand was to drop some money in my bank account. All went well until I walked outside. One minute I am up the next I am down. I sat there for awhile in a bit of a fog, then a bank teller and customer came out to help me up. I had some pain and a quarter sized knot on my foot, so I figured it was bruised and off we went to finish errands.

However, (and you just knew that was coming) after ice and elevation, it was bigger and uglier so I saw the doc today and XRay tech & yep, you guessed it. Darned if I didn't have a hair line fracture on my metatarsal bone. Now what?

I came home and made a ton of calls to find a walking boot. So, tomorrow a friend will be driving me to Olympia to pick up the boot and have some lab work done. Doc is concerned about my falling without warning.

If I don't post for a few days, please understand why!

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