Friday, July 25, 2008

Not on the corner today!!

I was going to stand on the corner today. I even bought my hot pink poster board and thick Sharpie, but you know what? Ocean Shores bike run called Sun and Surf got in the way today and instead I followed hubby and a friend on their Harley's out to Ocean Shores.

The sun was out, the wildflowers were beautiful and gently waving as we drove past, the breeze was ocean crisp but not cold and their were bikes of all colors, makes, trikes, etc. and my brain just kicked into calm and enjoyment.

I think that is part of the
depression with my Fibromyalgia and no job, that we rarely go anywhere, there isn't any extra money for spending and most people around here keep to themselves.

As we pulled out the driveway at home and I heard the ro
ar and rumble of those bikes, I began to feel much better. I knew I wouldn't be home with the constant ringing of the bill collectors (no matter how many times you tell them you still aren't working, some call every 1/2 hour on the hour), I wouldn't have time to think about bills, or money problems, but to just be able to enjoy the day.

We walked around and had fun doing silly things like trying on pink polka dotted 1950's sunglasses (oh, how I wish
I had remembered the camera). The kids tried on some really nice bike helmets and several people thought they were so cute, they took pictures of them.

Of course, you run into the vendors that sell the biker patches that aren't rated for kids (and we have one that can read), but the awesome part of the walking was meeting up with the Christian Motorcycle Riders, they gave us all pocket crosses, the kids posters and hubby a bike rag. I still have the cross in my pocket.

We did spend a few dollars. We got the girls each a Cleopatra beaded hat.
A pink one for th
e Tom Boy"??" Yep, she wanted hot pink so maybe there is hope for her yet. Then again when I asked her when she was going to wear a dress, she glared at me and matter of factly stated: 'NEVER!' The gold hat is for Miss Diva, she loves all girlie things and believes she is a true princess.

I will never forget the day we were in a book store and an older man walked up to her and asked her name. She said., 'Aly, but yo
u can call me princess.' I really thought she was going to tell him to bow when he did so.

Here she is
in her hat: And when you look this cute, I guess you can believe you are a real princess and no one will hold it against her. She wanted the crown they had for sale, but that would have been asking for trouble....I could see her making her brother be her slave with that and she would convince him it was in his best interest!

So, the hats set us back $3 each, I think we got a bargain because a few vendors away, they were selling them for $6 each.

Now, don't think we forgot the brother, we had to quickly get him away from beaded hats because he saw nothing wrong with having a hat like his sisters, poor baby, he is just outnumbered and things he should get what they get.

Papa sco
oted him down the vendor line and found a place selling skull caps (for those non-bikers out there) it is like a bandanna, but sewn to fit better and since his Papa has a bandanna of the American Flag, he had to get one. So we get ready to take his picture and oldest sister shows him this pose, it was really to cute to pass up putting on here.

This picture is truly adorable because it is the first one in a very long time in which we got him to smile without this silly cheesy smile he does for the camera. He is outside now on the swings and he still has his skull cap on.

From the vendor area and after looking at some very nice bikes, hubby surprised us by taking us to lunch at this little Mexican Restaurant on the main drag in Ocean Shores called La Mancha. If you ever get a chance to stop by, do so. The wait staff is very sweet, the chips are good and if you want the 'HOT' salsa, tell them you want the stuff they normally don't put on the table!

It was funny because there were the five of us and our friend Jay (we missed his wife Mandy, but she is pregnant so we understood why she didn't go with us all) and the 2 guys are in their biker gear. Another couple came in behind us and the waitress asks, table for 8? My husband said no, table for 6. She looked quizzical and said, they aren't with you? We said no, but they can be if they are buying. It was great and I said, yeah we know, all of us look alike!

After eating we were standing outside and hubby gave me a few dollars to go into the Blue Heron Quilt store. He looked at Jay and said he had to be crazy, I didn't need anymore fabric, but they would meet us down the road at Quinault Casino.

The kids and I went in and talked to Lynn for a bit and I let the kids pick out some fabric, they all decided on this pink Batik (remember, I said brother does what sisters do) that has like stamped flip-flops.

I bought all six fat quarters she had, had a nice chat with her for awhile and then the kids wanted to go into the kite store next door. It was soooooooooooooo, way cool! They had one kite that was so big ($200 worth of big!) that I asked if it would really fly. Silly question right? The owner (who I later discovered is Lynn's husband) said, he could almost guarantee with the right wind, it would be big enough to pick at least the 2 little ones up and give them a pretty good right. Well, that got me to thinking.......NOT REALLY! Geesh!

At the casino, I got an education on Powder Coating as Jay used to own a Powder Coating business and his bike has an awesome Powder Coating on it. From one angle it almost looks the color of Root Beer, another angle it looks Emerald Green, still another angle it is varied. So I was educated.

Of course, the best part the kids liked were the water lilies as we crossed the bridge to the casino.

The ride home saw more and more bikes, the kids conked out in the van, we came home took the van to be washed, picked up my Fibro meds and came home and had mac and cheese.

Yes, today the Lord showed me sometimes I have to move away from my problem to feel better about it!


Melinda Cornish said...

I am glad you got to get away and have a day of fun! It is good for you! The kids look cute in their hats...Melinda

Norma said...

There was a thing on TV about a local guy who stood out by a freeway entrance in a white shirt and tie, with a sign, handing out resumes to passing cars that showed interest. It was 111 degrees that day. He had skills and a job history and needed a JOB to support his family. They said he got several business cards and emails showing interest. You Go girl!

Nana said...

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Can you write about teaching children how to quilt? How is the best way to start? I'm a sewer but not a quilter and would love to learn with my grandaughter who turned 7 today.