Friday, July 18, 2008

Thrifty Finds Today

Okay, so it is almost 3:30 and I haven't done one stitch on the quilts. Firstly because I am applying for jobs all over town and that takes time. Then I applied to the local college with a snarky letter because I have sent them several resumes over the past year and got not one interview & yes, I was polite in all the other letters, but with no work I am becoming testy.

Secondly, because hubby was out getting estimates for his bike (1995 Harley) that the neighbor smacked this morning. Thirdly, while I was running errands, I stopped in at a second hand shop and all their Christmas stuff was on sale 1/2 price....yes, Christmas stuff. I have a special thing for the blue Santa's and Snowmen.

So ladies, here is my thrifty finds and
all for under $3.00. I got a Home Interior votive cup to replace one that was broken recently (35 cents), the small chalkboard has a snowman scene oil painted on it and I got it (25 cents), the pencil Santa (another of my collections) was (35 cents) and the two little blue snowmen were a total of (40 cents).

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