Friday, July 18, 2008

Flowers in my garden...

I just love Washington springs & summers (when we are blessed to have them), this year has been a bit odd, lots of wet, rain and cold and I know many of you are thinking, well yeah, you live in Washington, however I am talking this years weather has been exceptionally wet and cold.

But, I have been doing my best with flowers in pots on the porch to bring it along here are some of my flowers that the kiddo's and I planted last Sunday on a a brighter and sunnier day.

The square pot started out as the orangish Gerbera's and when they passed on (or froze), I am not sure which, we added the pink and purple one and some fresh potting soil.

The clay pot holds some blues, pinks and purple flowers. I am so horrible on flower names, but I love them all. I check to make sure they stay moist, try to give them sun when we have it! HAHA!

These two pots sit staggered on my porch steps. I wish they had more yard sales in our area as I am sure I could find more pots and up in this area to have pots I can bring inside during the winter is a huge plus!

The Begonia (I do remember some names) was a very wonderful surprise gift from a teacher whose class I worked in during my Americorps tenure. It was left on my front porch and I was so excited and happy to see it. My DH came home that evening from work and put yet another hook up on the porch and it is hanging proudly and I am proud that I haven't killed it yet.

My porch is a plethora of flowers and wind chimes and once the house is painted, I am sure we will have more of both next year.

These little blue flowers I found this morning growing underneath our little evergreen/juniper bush in the front yard. I don't know the names of these, but their blue color just 'POPS' out of the green bush that is protecting them. I don't know the name of these either and most of the flowers in my yard were planted many years ago before we bought the home!

I had hubby go out early this morning and snap a close up of the favorite flower of mine that grows in our yard wild and if anyone knows what these are, please let me know. I have asked everyone in the area and no one seems to know. I had a patch of these grown last summer in the side yard and I clipped them and put them in petite vase my grandmother had given me and the stayed fresh for weeks.

This year, this was the only one to pop its precious pink head up and it is also growing in the evergreen. While it appears there may be some on the side yard, they are not showing any signs of flowering and I miss seeing them this year. Then again, it may just be to cold as the ones on the side have no protection like this one does!

The kiddo's are enjoying not having to go to daycare, they have been sleeping in the past few days and enjoying it. Today, little Jon will go with his PaPa to run errands while the girls and I stay home and try to knock 2 or 3 quilts out to send off to those in need from the Iowa floods to the California Wildfires.

May God richly bless your day today!

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