Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Kids and The Clouds and More Fabric

Today, it is downright cold here in Aberdeen, the house was down to sixty when hubby finally decided to kick on the fire place and this is by all accounts supposed to be summer. I love the picture above, it was on the front page of our local paper and it is my grand children's daily field trip when they are attending daycare.

On this particular day, you can see the sun was actually out and the kids have made a chain as they walked along the river walk. You can see the Chehalis River in the background. Oldest granddaughter is the tall one in orange. I only know that because she wore her Papa's Tony Stewart shirt t
o school that day.

I believ
e that girl would live in NASCAR shirts and pants if that is all she had and she would be tickled to do so. Oops, occasionally, I do get sidetracked.

Today is cold and I received a call yesterday to drive out to Ocean Shores and put in an application for a job where I had already faxed my resume. As I got closer to the beach town, it was sprinkling, but the rain doesn't dampen my spirits and I knew there was a quilt shop in town, so I had another reason to go.

I am not sure about the job, it appears the person doing the hiring lives in Montana and the person I would be working for lives here and there was nothing more said other than I would receive a telephone call. Darn it! Sidetracked again!

On the way back, I decided to stop in at the Blue Heron Fabric Store at 849 Point Brown Ave. NW (the main drag of Ocean Shores) & was pleasantly surprised at the stock they have on hand. I walked up and down the aisles telling myself I am not working right now, I don't need anymore fabric, I have several projects going already, but then, it hit me!

I walked over to several small plastic bins that had Fat Quarters in them and not only were they pretty (one was Batiks, the other was Oriental patterns) they were only $2.25 per Fat Quarter, but I passed those and hit the jackpot, I found the box that had them for $1.00 each.

As usual, I couldn't just look and pick, I had to stand there and dream what I would do with new fabric. Here are the pictures of my precious treasures I brought home:

Top is a light colored cream background with brownish black pictures of a collar, bones, butterflies, dog ribbons, etc.. In the Middle is black and white print with dogs of various breeds that I began to get a picture in my mind of. The picture of the Bottom is just a larger picture of the one on the right.

Below is just a picture of what I feel was the pirates booty, better known as my stash that I walked out with for under $7.00. I just wanted you to know if you get a chance to go to Ocean Shores and want to find a small, very nicely put together and very reasonably priced (most yardage I saw was $7.49 a yard and up.) I am sure that Lynn Lane the owner would be very happy to have you visit.

There are actually two shops in Ocean Shores, the other one is Cranberry Bay off the main drag and I didn't get an opportunity due to a nagging Migraine to stop by and check them out, but here is my thinking. If you are going to do shopping, stop by both and buy from both. There are so many quilting shops closing their doors, that we as quilters need to be diligent in spreading our money around.

One other thing I want to mention that I find very odd here in the Northwest and that is the way small town people treat visitors and each other. There is a Shop Hop coming up in the fall and the Blue Heron Fabrics is NOT on the list. I do not know why, but it seems they get skipped on many things for one reason or another. So please, visit Lynn and Ken at Blue Heron Fabrics and tell them Ranny sent you. They may not know me by name yet, but they will soon as I plan on being a repeat customer!

If you have any questions or would like to know more, call Lynn at (360) 289-4375. When I was in there, she had some really cute hand knitted caps with eyelash trim that were adorable. If I had an extra $20, I would have bought them for my girls in a New York minute.

So, that was my day, I hope yours is as pleasant!

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